a letter to our community and a bittersweet goodbye

Dearest friends,

We regret to inform you that for reason beyond our control we will not be able to continue farming and growing food at Davis Farms. This may come as a shock and we apologize as we were ill-prepared for this as well.

We are devastated to write this, especially when our season was coming along so beautifully. It has been a joy and honor to grow food for this community, and we are deeply saddened to be uprooted from a place we have fallen in love with.

We would like to recognize the farmers behind the scenes. There are many aspiring young farmers, students, wwoofers, interns, mentors and friends who have played a major role in the food production and farm development at Davis Farms for the past 3 years, and none of our successes would have been possible without them. These people have traveled nationally and internationally to Roberta to help grow food and love the land.

For the past three years, all income generated by the farm has been put directly into the costs and improved infrastructure on the land, which is part of the reason we have been able to achieve so much.  No one was compensated financially, instead we chose to be compensated by the incredible opportunity to learn and live on this beautiful land.  We are proud of what we created, the ground we broke, the fences we erected, the buildings we built, the animals we adopted, the trees planted, the organization we implemented, and everything that we learned.

It has been wonderful and a privilege to work for and with you. We have enjoyed meeting your family members and learning your recipes and taste preferences. Your support has been invaluable and we are all so grateful.

the farmers

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meet the newest sweet face at davis farms, ilska!!! we just adopted this little sweetie last night from an awesome friend.

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sweet chicks, just over a month old!

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so many photobooth pictures at the georgia organics conference

so many photobooth pictures at the georgia organics conference

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we went to the georgia organics conference in columbus!

we went to the georgia organics conference in columbus!

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our first asparagus!!!!!!!

our first asparagus!!!!!!!

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meet the chicks!! these cuties have been in our gentle hands for about a month now and they’re getting bigger every day. by late spring/summer we will hopefully have our own eggs at market!

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help us get a wash station for post-harvest handling! (you know, for cleaning your food..) just click the little thumbs up to cast your vote, it only takes a second!


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Theresa here, doing a little post from California!

Well, Jordan and I took off from the farm last thursday, and after many hours of driving through Tennessee and Arkansas (and two plane rides on my end), we are back in our hometowns. I think I can speak for both of us when I say that we really really miss the farm and all of our friends at market.

Jordan is starting a farm adventure of her own in Arkansas and I am visiting family and traveling throughout Europe for a few months and then returning to the farm! We miss everyone already!

This post is also to say that Julia will be updating the farm blog for a few months until I return and since she is the most dedicated and busy farm manager, she might not have time to update the blog frequently. Even though winter seems like the slowest part of the year, it is a very busy time on the farm for things that get pushed to the back burner, like the print shop and chicken coop. So don’t think that a lack of posts means a lack of things happening, because I can assure you that exciting things are always happening on the farm!

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